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Monday, 26 December 2016


Creating an account is as simple as filling out a very simple form. Click on https://www.btcinvestments.co.za/ref/70967f07dc/register ,   you will see the image below.

Fill the form correctly, choose a security question and provide the answer to it. Make sure you don't forget the answer to this question because you will need it latter.click on create account. You account will be created. It's as simple as that.

How do you upgrade?
Please pay attention to this part of this tutorial. It is very important. Once you sign up, click on your dashboard. You will see something that looks like the image below.


Thank you for visiting this page. Today I will be showing you how to create and fund your wallet. 

What is wallet? It is just like your traditional bank like first bank, Gtbank. and others. It is an online bank for bitcoin. There are so many of such bank but we recommend one that work effectively though they are good. We prefer blockchain. 


Simple go to https://blockchain.info/wallet/#/ to sign up for free. An image that looks like the one below will appear.

Click on create a free bitcoin wallet. You will see the image below.

Type in your email address and a strong password. Ensure your password is very strong. Click on I have read and agree to the terms of service then click continue. You will  be asked to go to your mail and confirm the request. In that same mail you will see a your wallet ID. Copy it and save it somewhere you can remember in your computer. Simply do that.

In the image above, click on receive, a long mixture of numbers and alphabets will appear. That is your wallet address. Copy it and save it well.

Please note: There is a difference between your wallet ID and wallet address. Your wallet ID is the one you will be using to log in to blockchain.info. In short, it is your username while your wallet address is the one you sent to people when you are expecting payment. Hope this is clear? Once you have done this, you are through with opening your wallet. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 25 December 2016


Believe it or not, there are so many ways to make money in the internet but the fools despise them. There are so many intelligent Nigerians who make big bucks online monthly doing something you can do or even better. Some make up to #2,000,000 monthly. Infact any Nigerian no matter his or her category who is poor by the end of June 2017, is dead already especially if he or she has access to the internet. 

Without wasting your time, let me quickly introduce you to the online business model I have for you today. This world is growing into a digital world. In few years from now, anyone who is not computer literate will suffer. EVERY THING IS BECOMING DIGITAL! 

Okay..... what's the cool money model I brought to you today?

Have you heard about CRYPTOCURRENCY? have you heard about BITCOIN? In case you don't know, cryptocurrency is digital currency. Now what is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the most popular, expensive and fast growing cryptocurrency in the world. As at the time of writing this, one bitcoin was equivalent to $902.71. Assuming dollar to naira exchange rate is $1 for #340, converting this to naira you will be having 902 x 350 equals #315,700. This means that a bitcoin worths more than #300,000. Wow!!!

Now assuming you have only 10 bitcoins, you will be having 10 x 315,700 which is equivalent to #3,157,000. That's over three million naira. With this model I will show you soon, you can accumulate 16 bitcoin in one month.


As at early october 2016, one bitcoin was 576 dollar but in less than 2 months, it's already more than 900 dollar. Had it been you had some amount of bitcoins 2months ago, today you would have doubled the worth. Believe it or not, bitcoin is fast increasing and the earlier you start earning in bitcoin, the better for you.


There are many ways of getting this bitcoin. Listed below are just few.
  1. Mining bitcoin
  2. Joining Five2btc
  3. Zarfund
  4. Solving captcha 
  5. Investing with some site that claim to double your bitcoin after a stipulated time.
  6. And so many others.
All these means listed above are good. I do almost all but they take time. Now how will you get it fast? Here the model I want to talk about comes into play.

Introducing..........      BTCINVESTMENT.CO.ZA

Here is where I need your full attention. Stop whatever you are doing and read carefully. Btcinvestment is a platform that gives you the opportunity of accumulating 16 bitcoins within the shortest possible time. 


It is a 2x5 matrix platform. You register in the platform for free, you upgrade within 12 hours of registering by donating 0.002 bitcoin to your sponsor. This upgrade takes you to level one. To get to level two, you have to invited only two persons. Each will donate 0.002 bitcoin to you. Meaning that with your investment of 0.002 bitcoin, you made extra 0.002. 

At this stage, you can decide to withdraw you money and leave btcinvestment but due to the fact that you want to make more money, you will need to upgrade to level two by donating 0.003btc to who the system assigns to you as your new sponsor. Remember you now have 0.004btc in your wallet. {0.002(your initial investment) + 0.002(your profit)}. If you remove 0.003 to upgrade to level 2, you will be having a balance of 0.001btc.

I hope you are following?     Very good...

Once you upgrade to level 2, the system will assign 4 persons that will pay you 0.003 btc each. That is 0.003 x 4 equals 0.012 + 0.001(your previous balance) gives you 0.013. At this stage, you can decide to withdraw you money and leave btcinvestment but due to the fact that you still want to make more profit, you will need to upgrade to level 3 by donating 0.010 btc to who the system assigns to you as your new sponsor. Remember you now have 0.013btc in your wallet. If you remove 0.01 to upgrade to level 3, you will be having a balance of 0.003btc. 

Once you upgrade to level 3, the system will assign 8 persons that will pay you 0.01 btc each. That is 0.01 x 8 equals 0.08 + 0.003(your previous balance) gives you 0.083 . At this stage, you can decide to withdraw you money and leave btcinvestment but due to the fact that you still want to make more profit, you will need to upgrade to level 4 by donating 0.05 btc to who the system assigns to you as your new sponsor. Remember you now have 0.083btc in your wallet. If you remove 0.05 to upgrade to level 4, you will be having a balance of 0.033btc. 

Once you upgrade to level 4, the system will assign 16 persons that will pay you 0.05 btc each. That is 0.05 x 16 equals 0.8 + 0.033(your previous balance) gives you 0.833 . At this stage, you can decide to withdraw you money and leave btcinvestment but due to the fact that you still want to make more profit, you will now upgrade to level 5 by donating 0.5 btc to who the system assigns to you as your new sponsor. Remember you now have 0.833btc in your wallet. If you remove 0.5 to upgrade to level 4, you will be having a balance of 0.333btc. 

Here, you have reached the final level which is level 5. Once you upgrade to level 5, the system will assign 32 persons to pay you 0.5btc each. Calculating your earning, you will get 0.5 x 32 equals  16btc. WOw! wow!! wow!!! Convert this to naira you will be having over #5,000.000. How? Ok lets do the convertion. As at today, one bitcoin is worth more than #330,000, if you multiply this by your 16 =btc, you will be having #5,280,000. This will at least help you cushion the recessive effects of BUHAHA'S government.Lol!

What does it require
  1. Internet access
  2. A funded bitcoin wallet click here to learn how to open and fund your bitcoin wallet. It is very important if you want to succeed in making with bitcoin.
  3. Btc investmnt account.

If you really live your dream life, this great opportunity should not slip away from you. Grap it now before you regret it. How much is your total cost of investment? with #1,500 you have started. One good thing about this platform is that you don't need to pay any other money except your initial #1500. You only invite 2 persons. If you want to get financial freedom click this link to sign up for free  https://www.btcinvestments.co.za/ref/70967f07dc/register.


An adage said show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. The kind of people you follow determines where you get to in life. To be successful, you must move with successful people. I have been an internet marketer even right from my days in school. Up till now I get over 80% of my money from the internet. As I type this now, I have delivered this same link to this golden opportunity to over 30 top websites and blog in Nigeria. Therefore if you want to get to level five, earn your 16btc, convert it to naira and enjoy your cash, hit this link now to register https://www.btcinvestments.co.za/ref/70967f07dc/register.

Another reason why you should join using this link is that even if you can't talk or you don't have anybody to tell, register and leave the work for me to do and see the power of the internet. I will personally get your downline for you through the power of spill over.

Please don't let this opportunity go, ensure you make good use of it. Imagine making over #5,000,000  in less than two months from a business you start with less than #2,000! One good thing about this is that you can repeat the whole system again and make this over #5,000,000 repeatedly. Click here to register https://www.btcinvestments.co.za/ref/70967f07dc/register.

                                                                                                               See you at the top,
                                                                                                               Call me on 08061368126

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How to make at least #350,000 online in Nigeria in 2017




        Any Nigerian who is poor by July 2017 is a total failure! 

O yes! that's just the truth! There are so many means to make 

money as a Nigerian right from the comfort bed. Many 

Nigerians think internet is a place where fraudsters meet to 

look for people to defraud. I quite agree but not completely. 

There are over a thousand ways to make money very quick and

legitimately online.

 I am  about releasing a fast and legitimate means to make 

money online for FREE! 

This simple system will teach you how you can make over 

#350,000 monthly in bitcoin which you can exchange for naira 

whenever you want.



***A computer with internet connection

***five2btc account{I will explain}

***A wallet address- Click here to know how to open and fund     your wallet.

That's just all!

 If you have never made a dime on the internet before, I will give you some 

legitimate means you can apply and start making money. Some are almost 

immediately while other take a little time to start giving you money passively.


Without wasting much of your time, let's kick the ball rolling!!!




This is one of the best ways to make money online.  . It's a 2x5 

matrix donation platform. That is a total of 5 levels.It is a platform 

that helps you make 64 bitcoin within the shortest frame of time As 

at when this post was written, one bitcoin is worth $784.76 which 

over #350,000. That is to tell you how beneficial five2btc is. If you 

are able to make only 16 bitcoin within say, two months, you will be 

getting 16 x $784= $11,968. Multiply this by dollar to naira 

exchange rate of say #350. This will amount to $11,968 x 

#350=#4,188,800 just in two months. 


The most amazing part is that you can even exceed that even in one month

How does five2btc work?

It's a very simple platform where you sign up using a referral link to

 get to level 0. you upgrade to level 1 by making a very little 

donation of 0.01 bitcoin to you sponsor/upline. Once you upgrade, 

introduce only two persons that will pay you each exactly the 

amount you paid your upline. That 0.01 + 0.01= 0.02btc. At this 

stage, you have gotten what you spent x2. You upgrade to level 2 by 

donating 0.015 bitcoin to who the system will assign you to.Once 

you upgrade to level 2, four person will pay you each 0.015. That is 

0.015 x4= 0.06 . To upgrade to level 3, you donate 0.04 to who the 

system assigns you to. Eight persons will pay you the same amount 

each. At the next level upgrade, you donate 0.2btc to upgrade to 

level 4, sixteen persons will pay you the same amount . At level 5, you will be having 64 bitcoin.Just do the aritmetic you will know how many millions it worth. 64btc X $784 =50,176 X #350=#17,561,600. WOW!!!!!! That huge mehnnn!!. You can achieve this in less than 4 months. I made my level 3 in one week. If you are interested in being free from the effect of recession, just click on this link https://www.five2btc.com/ref/2a56f290c1/register


 If you the type that don't know how to tell people about this, don't 

worry I will do that for you using the power of spill over. This is one

 fastest growing link as far as five2btc is concerned. I have been an

 internet prof for so many years and I have gathered marketing 

skills and experience all these years and this link has been posted to 

over 30 most visited websites in Nigeria and every day people keep 

signing up. The earlier you join, the better for you https://www.five2btc.com/ref/2a56f290c1/register



If you don't know, let me tell you. Bitcoin is the fastest growing and the most expensive cryptocurrency in the whole world and the price keeps increasing daily. If you refuse to join now, a time will come when you can no longer join. 




Because then, the price will no longer be affordable. Imaging getting one bitcoin for $784 today which over #300,000 and it keeps increasing. A time will come{very soon} when one bitcoin will be over $1,000. Maybe then one dollar will be #950. If you multiply $1,000 to #950 it will be equal to #950,000 just for one bitcoin. You better invest in bitcoin through five2btc now.

I promise...

If you register through this link https://www.five2btc.com/ref/2a56f290c1/register , I will give you every necessary support to ensure you get to the top. Hit the link now!https://www.five2btc.com/ref/2a56f290c1/register

Call or email me if you have any challenge. 08061368126, Edunwa2017@gmail.com.

                                       See you at the top!